Members of a class gather togheter after a session.

Members of a class gather together after a session.

Classes are held at 5912 Oak Hill Road in Crestview.

In addition, I also do one-on-one training by appointment. Contact me to learn more and sign up for a class at (850)902-3208 or at

Current Class Offered:

Puppy class: This class includes 5 classes and a mini private lesson.  The private lesson is conducted on week six.  The class is currently held on Saturday morning at 9 am.  Periodically I will be out of town competing on the weekend.  We will just pick up where we left off the next week.

Basic Obedience Levels: I  offer basic obedience in a levels format.  There are 4 levels and dog and handler do not progress to the next level until they have mastered the behaviors at the previous level.  With this set up, if the client has to miss a class for any reason, they can just rejoin the class at the appropriate level and not have missed anything.  This should limit handler stress and allow the dogs to learn at their own pace and permit people to join level 1 at any time without waiting.

Agility Classes:  These classes are taught in a levels format as well.  You begin with the Foundation class followed by Level 2  where the obstacles are introduced and level 3 where the obstacles are proofed.  Once finished with level 3, you will enter Advanced Agility.  Call for times and dates.

Class Times:

Basic Obedience Level 1: Monday,  6 pm

Basic Obedience Level 4: Monday, 7 pm

Basic Obedience Level 2: Tuesday, 6 pm

Basic Obedience Level 3: Tuesday, 7 pm

Puppy Class: Saturday, 9 am,

Advanced Agility: (on going)  Tuesday 10 am.