Success Stories

Collected below are several stories from previous clients describing how Nell has influenced them and their pets.

Emma, Niceville

I cannot say enough about how wonderful I think Nell is as a dog trainer.  I have a boxer that has been in agility since she was a puppy (with another trainer) where she had a bad experience with another dog leading to dog on dog aggression issues.  I thought we would have to quit agility altogether but, if you have ever owned a boxer, you would understand that they are not your typical house pet.  They MUST have some type of activity or they drive you nuts.  I had tried talking to a behaviorist about the problem but they did not take me seriously.  However, her behavior got worse as time went on.  And it was by accident that I ran into Nell and explained the problem.  Instantly I knew that she understood my problem and I asked her if she would help me.  She patiently gave me the tools I needed to help my girl get over her aggression.  It took a while before I could put her back into agility classes but when we did start classes with Nell, our progress was amazing.  I have learned more agility handling skills in the last year than we did in the entire 3 years prior.  Nell is ever patient and a wonderful source of encouragement.  We have competed in 3 agility trials since being with Nell which I never thought in my wildest dreams would happen.

Thank you Nell.

Julie and Emma

Julie and Emma


Ellie & Nettie, Niceville

I have been taking lessons for 10 years with my two Belgian Shepherds, the last three with Nell at the Advanced Agility level.  She is outstanding , dedicated and gives her undivided attention to the handler and the dog.  She knows her subject very well.  I learn something new at each lesson and because of her we compete well at the Agility trials we enter.

Jack Plunkett


Jackson, from Fort Walton Beach

In August of 2007 Jackson tore his ACL. He also got a baby sister about the same time. He began to lash out at us. He had surgery for the ACL that did not go well and required him to wear an Elizabethan-collar for 21 days.

The frustration and pain that he endured resulted in what we believe was post-traumatic stress syndrome. For months we tip-toed about our own house; he was unpredictable and there were frightening outbursts of aggression.   We knew that something had to be done.

We called Nell in June of this year. Nell set about teaching us how to gain Jackson’s trust again. Her insights lead us to get an anti-depressant for him. The combination of the exercises and medication was truly a miracle. We can now pet him, take him for walks and give him the tummy rubs that we all enjoy. We will be forever thankful to Nell.

Gaye and Craig Ellis


Banzai from Destin

During the last 26 years I have owned 3 Golden Retrievers with which I used personal trainers. After one class with Nell the light bulb finally lit up. I saw how fast and fun training your best friend could be with positive reinforcement. My current Golden,Banzai, can’t wait to train when Nell comes over or to practice for the next class. I asked Nell to teach Banzai how to wipe his mouth after drinking. He learned this during one class and still amazes my friends.

Henrietta Kelly