Proud of our Pups

Mae and I recently competed in both conformation and agility.

On December 18, 2014 Dog Max, Inc held a Canine Good Citizen exam for six Dog Max students.  I was very proud of all the students as they all overcame their challenges and passed.  Kudos to everyone!!

Vance and Aella

Ariel and Karma

Barbara and GB

Margrit and Marty

Barb with Gretchen and Amie


Baker trial October,2013.  Janice ran MaChere’ in 8 runs and qualified 5 times…coming in first each time!  MaChere’ is a firecracker of a girl and is a challenge to run as well as a joy!  Well done Janice and MaChere!

Also competing in Baker was Carrie with Annie and Ruben.  This was Annie’s debut in agility but what a great start for the girl!  She qualified in 6 of her 7 runs came in first twice, second three times and third once!  Placing each time you qualify is awesome!  Annie also competed in rally obedience where she earned a 199 out of 200!   Annie earned two High In Trial awards!  Not to be outdone, Ruben won his American Bred conformation class.  Well done!

Carrie with Annie, left, and Ruben carrying her ribbons.

That same weekend, Fi and I competed in an AKC trial in Jacksonville, FL.  This was a very fun trial with lots of doberman teams running.  During the trial, I was very pleased with Fi’s progress.  She and I try to run our best while pushing our limits and sometimes that means you qualify less.  However, we were able to qualify twice on one day and earned our first Double Qualifying score.  Thank you Fi!

Fi running hard.

Fi finishing strong.


Focused and ready to roll!

Team Fi doing our best going for broke!

MaChere  wowed the  crowd again with her intense focus on getting the job done!


At the January trial, once again in Baker, FL, Janice with her Papillon, MaChere competed in Elite Jumpers and Open Regular classes.  She earned three qualifying scores in Jumpers, all first places, and one in Regular, also a first place.  MaChere is hard to beat when she’s got it all together.  Good job Janice!

At that same trial, Carrie showed three dogs: Oakley in agility, rally obedience and conformation. Annie in rally obedience and conformation, and Rubin in conformation.  Oakley and Annie were stellar in rally even up against some very experienced dogs and handlers.  Oakley won High in Trial and Annie had a perfect score in her first competition.  Oakley was also Mr. Steady in agility where he earned numerous ribbons.  Rubin did well in his debut conformation even coming in third.  Congrats Carrie and team Oakely, Annie, and Rubin!


The recent trial at Baker, FL was a great time of competition and camaraderie.

Front: Janice with MaChere, Carrie with Oakley and Annie.  Back: Nell with Jessy and Fi, Leo with Emma, Ami with Austin and Reece. (Missing is Julie, Emma’s handler)


MaChere qualified in 4 runs, 3 Jumpers and one Regular.  All the qualifying runs were first places!

Oakley qualified in 6 runs earning titles in Novice Regular and Open Jumpers!  He was High In Trial Aussie two days and High In Trial Dog once.  He also competed in conformation and rally.

Fi debuted in agility with 2 qualifying runs, one in Jumpers and one in Regular.

Emma ran strong in Jumpers earning two Q’s and two placements.  In Regular she earned her Novice Title!

Austin saved the best til last by making a strong showing in his last Rally run where he earned a score of 186 and made his Momma (and us) proud.

Jessy showed For Exhibit Only and was the picture of perfection and speed for the ‘kids’ to follow.  She is nearly 9 years old and has had the diagnosis of Dancing Doberman Disease for the last two years but she ran the courses with grace, speed and determination.  Thank you, Jessy!

Annie was shown in conformation for her first outing with Carrie.



Great success at the ASCA trial at Baker, FL:

Rally Obedience:  Jack Plunkett earned qualifying scores for both Nettie and Ellie.  They are 11 year old Belgian Sheepdog and Belgian Tervuren.  Nettie’s score earned her a fourth place finish!

Jack and Tinny Plunkett with dogs L to R: Frankie, Nettie and Ellie


Brand new to Rally Obedience were first time competitors Ami Johnson with Austin and Carrie Riley with Oakley.  Ami earned a qualifying score and second place with Austin and Carrie came away with two qualifying scores and two first places with Oakley.  Carrie surprised even herself with a perfect score on her first try.  Way to go ladies!

Ami, Austin, Carrie and Oakley___________________

In only her second agility trial Janice Tyler and MaChere came away loaded with ribbons!  MaChere qualified five times, 4 in jumpers and 1 in regular, and brought home  5 first place finishes.  Great job Janice and MaChere!  We look forward to great things from this team.

Janice and MaChere and a boat load of ribbons!


November 16, 2010: Dog Max, Inc announces the newest Canine Good Citizen title earners…

Sheryl Bradley and Sadie, Aussie

Ami Johnson and Austin, Aussie

Angie Nousiainen and Dozer, Great Dane

Carrie Riley with Oakley and Sterling, Aussies

Janice Tyler and MaChere, Papillon

And my little girl squeaked by, Fiona, Doberman

Congratulations everyone!!


Julie runs Emma in agility with no dog aggression issues.  Go Team Emma!!


Jessy earns her MX title before retiring due to health.  January 2010, Pensacola, Florida


Fiona goes to her first conformation show in May 2010, Perry, GA.

In early September, 2010, Fi earns her United Kennel Club Champion title in two days!  A week later she earns her first AKC conformation point in Biloxi, MS by winning Best of Opposite Sex.