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We offer both classes and private sessions to meet your training needs.  This includes puppy training, basic obedience and all levels of competitive agility instruction.  Private appointments are tailored to your needs mainly focusing on problem behaviors, or for those who cannot make our class schedule.

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I'm Nell Wirtes and since 2008 I have provided class and private instruction to residents of NW Florida.  I strive to educate both dog and owner building a strong and trusting working relationship on our way to solving training challenges. To give my clients the best possible guidance I routinely continue my education so I can remain current on ways to solve clients' dog training issues.  It brings me great joy to help dog and owner reach their potential! 

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I’ve known Nell (owner/trainer) of Dog Max, Inc. for over 10 years, ever since I watched and competed with her and her Dobermans in agility.About three years ago I started driving the 87 mile one-way trip to Crestview for agility classes. I decided to do this because although there are some excellent dog trainers closer to me, there aren’t any better teachers. I love the fact that Nell “teaches” me and doesn’t just train the dog. I also love the fact that she has a positive influence on me and my training methods for agility and there is no rushing involved.

While I only go to Nell for agility lessons she teaches puppy and pet obedience classes, as well as in-home personal instruction. Nell also has a wealth of canine health and nutrition knowledge, which she shares freely when asked. I think Dog Max is an excellent choice for you and your four-legged family members.

Carol Miller

Pensacola, FL


Nell Wirtes is truly an amazing trainer.  We have 5 dogs, 4 of them are large breed dogs and of the 4 large dogs 3 are male.  We had been having some issues with what we thought was aggression in one of the dogs.  He would get in fights with the other two male dogs. These fights would get pretty bad and were getting hard to break up.  We thought he would out grow it.  Of course that did not happen and things continued to escalate.  We did not like to have guests come to our home because all but 1 of the dogs were ill mannered and did not listen.  We knew something had to change.   We had let things go too long and needed help to make those changes.  We did not know where to start so we called Nell at Dog Max.  She came very highly recommended and after her first session I can see why.  She was able to recognize behavior in my dogs that I did not understand.  She is teaching our dogs the proper way to behave and teaching us how to work with them and better understand them.  Our dogs truly enjoy their training with her.  She has given us hope that our dogs can be well behaved and pleasant to be around.  I can't say enough good things about her and her ability as a trainer.  She is truly amazing and I would recommend her.  I wish I had called her a long time ago.  Christi S.

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